YORHealth Unites Family of Rocio & Ruben Almirudis

YORHealthMarried for 18 years, public accountants Rocio and Ruben Almirudis have three sons: Ruben, Hector Javier and Roberto. The family’s history has been marked by dizzying highs and depressing lows. At times, it was uncertain whether Rocio and Ruben would be able to provide for their sons.

About four years ago, following a promotion for Ruben, the family moved to Leon, Guanajuato. An introduction to YORHealth products soon followed. Without hesitation, the couple began consuming these delicious meal replacement shakes and nutritional supplements. Eventually, Rocio and Ruben decided to create a part-time business selling YORHealth products.

Recently, Rocio and Ruben Almirudis experienced another financial hardship that derailed their future plans: Ruben lost his job after eight years working for the same company. With the bills mounting higher and higher, the family had to find a solution that would help them recover from their burdens. Since the company had no income limits, they decided to make YORHealth a full-time priority. Surrounded by positive and joyful YORHealth members, Rocio and Ruben Almirudis were inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. Continue reading


YOR NDS | Patented Protection from YOR Health

YOR HealthQ: What is YOR NDS?

A: YOR NDS is a formula of enzymes that allow the body to fully utilize nutritional intake.

Q: Is this formula exclusive to YOR Health?

A: Yes, YOR NDS is the result of three years’ research performed by YOR Health scientists and other experts.  YOR NDS has been clinically proven to help advanced-age test subjects more fully harness the healing power of YOR Health products.

Q: How does this YOR Health product work?

A: Essentially, YOR NDS jump-starts the nutritional value of food and helps the body produce serum albumin which assists the passage of nutrients through the blood. Additionally, YOR NDS supports existing healthy cholesterol levels and increases the body’s production of AST, an enzyme vital to the metabolism of amino acids. Continue reading

YOR Health Teaches Dr. Phillippa Taberlay How to Successfully Manage Her Diet

YOR HealthQ: What is the academic background of Phillippa Taberlay?
YOR Health:  Born in Tasmania, Australia, Phillippa Taberlay earned a bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Tasmania. Her doctoral work has been heralded by her peers. Taberlay’s accomplishments include the David Collins Leukemia Foundation Scholarship, the Jeanne Foster Scholarship, the Aspen Cancer Conference Fellow, the Benjamin F. Trump Award and numerous other awards and accolades. She has also been selected for a special postgraduate research fellowship while pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of medical research. Phillippa Taberlay knows firsthand how factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress and the environment can cause drastic changes in a person’s health.

Q: When was Taberlay first convinced of the powerful impact of YOR Health products?
YOR Health: Although she originally had questions about the effects, Phillippa was eventually influenced by the significant results experienced by her husband, YOR Health Athletic Advisor Sid Taberlay. Over the years, Phillippa was surprised to find that she had gained a few pounds even though she ate relatively healthy. She chalked it up to her consumption of the sugary foods and beverages so popular in the United States. Intent on making a change, Phillippa began using YOR Health products in order to reach her former weight. Continue reading

YOR Health Steers Rowing Champion Monica Hernandez Towards the Shores of Health

YOR HealthQ: Since becoming a member of the YOR Health community, what has Monica Hernandez accomplished?
YOR Health: A fitness trainer and indoor rower from Mexico, Monica has made waves as the first-prize winner in the 2011 Indoor Rowing Championship held in Mexico City. She also secured first-place honors at the National Championship in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Q: What was Hernandez’s first interaction with YOR Health products?
YOR Health: A friend and former rowing trainer first told her about the products. Shortly after starting her regime, Monica no longer felt muscle fatigue. She credits YOR Health products for improving her athletic performance, most notably in the 2011 Indoor Rowing Championship. Her recovery was much quicker than in previous competitions. Continue reading

YOR Health Gathers Support from Dietary Supplement Expert and Nutritional Supplier Mark Matyazic

YOR HealthQ: When was Mark Matayazic first introduced to the YOR Health community?
YOR Health: Mark became aware of YOR Health back in 2009. As one of the many valued suppliers of YOR Health, he is a conscientious user of premium quality probiotics. His firm supplies single strains to the company that are blended into the formulas of several products for the benefit of our customers.

Q: What are Mark Matayazi’s professional credentials in the field of nutrition?
YOR Health: Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and has worked diligently in various areas of the dietary supplement industry for more than 15 years. He is also a semi-professional long distance runner. In his 20-year career, he’s competed in 100-plus triathlons and 150 marathons. It’s quite a remarkable track record, given all of his regular responsibilities. Continue reading

YOR Health Products Provide Premium Health Benefits

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health products are some of the most cutting-edge weight loss and wellness aids available today. While the market for weight loss products, vitamins, minerals and the like may seem saturated, YOR Health products stand out among the crowd and have attracted thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. What makes YOR Health products different? Find out here.

YOR Health products are developed by YOR Health, a California-based company founded in 2008 with a commitment to helping people live healthier, happier lives. With the customer at the center of all business decisions, YOR Health products were developed to help anyone achieve more in life through improved health, energy and well-being. YOR Health products address not only the physical side of improvement, but also the mental side. This unique combination sets YOR Health products apart from other simple supplements or weight loss plans.

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YOR Health Products Now in a Convenience Set for Better Results

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health products address not only what people eat on a daily basis, but how the body utilizes all of the nutrients once they enter the body. YOR Health products make the most of every calorie consumed with their patented YOR Nutrition Delivery System, revolutionizing the way people face weight loss and nutrition today. Here, YOR Health products team members describe the YOR Convenience Set.

Q: What is the goal of YOR Health products?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Health is committed to helping people live happier lives and achieve their hopes and dreams, through proper nutrition and overall wellness.

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