Dennis Wong of YOR Health Supports Kickboxer and Advisory Board Member Jerome Le Banner

Dennis Wong YOR HealthIn 2014, legendary kickboxer Jerome “Geronimo” Le Banner took a big risk. He received ample reward for his courage and bravery. Competing in the Super Heavyweight division at Fight Night II, Le Banner secured victory over Colin George in a riveting fight that attracted a sellout crowd to the Saint-Tropez arena. Both famed and feared for his punishing “Golden Left” punch, Le Banner has earned an impressive run of honors and awards.

More importantly, Le Banner has joined with Dennis Wong and YOR Health to teach the importance of health and wellness as part of an active and enjoyable lifestyle. Dennis Wong, a YOR Health co-founder, expresses his gratitude for this prized athlete and his fierce commitment to enriching the lives of others.

Maintaining a high level as an athlete can be challenging – even with the right amount of diet and exercise. Dennis Wong and YOR Health have carefully developed a complete line of products that improve an athlete’s ability to train and recover from the exertion put forth in workouts and competitions. Le Banner is living proof that the company’s powerful list of nutritional supplements pack a mean punch in any situation.

For Dennis Wong and YOR Health, Le Banner has become a valued member of the international YOR Health community. He currently serves as an active participant on the Athletic Advisory Board, which consists of trustworthy and respected individuals who have climbed to the top of their chosen sports. As Le Banner continues to travel the world in pursuit of his next championship, Dennis Wong and YOR Health are rooting him on every step of the way. This inspiration is invaluable for Le Banner as he attempts to encourage the YOR Health community through his tremendous performance.