YORHealth Unites Family of Rocio & Ruben Almirudis

YORHealthMarried for 18 years, public accountants Rocio and Ruben Almirudis have three sons: Ruben, Hector Javier and Roberto. The family’s history has been marked by dizzying highs and depressing lows. At times, it was uncertain whether Rocio and Ruben would be able to provide for their sons.

About four years ago, following a promotion for Ruben, the family moved to Leon, Guanajuato. An introduction to YORHealth products soon followed. Without hesitation, the couple began consuming these delicious meal replacement shakes and nutritional supplements. Eventually, Rocio and Ruben decided to create a part-time business selling YORHealth products.

Recently, Rocio and Ruben Almirudis experienced another financial hardship that derailed their future plans: Ruben lost his job after eight years working for the same company. With the bills mounting higher and higher, the family had to find a solution that would help them recover from their burdens. Since the company had no income limits, they decided to make YORHealth a full-time priority. Surrounded by positive and joyful YORHealth members, Rocio and Ruben Almirudis were inspired to make a difference in the lives of others.

What had been the family’s Plan B turned into a Plan A. Without the constraints of a 9-to-5 job, Ruben now takes vacations with his family on a regular basis. All three sons are involved in a number of school and sports activities that keep the family busy year ‘round. Now, both Rocio and Ruben can be active participants in their sons’ lives while fulfilling their professional goals. Most importantly, the entire family enjoys greater health and self-awareness by using YORHealth products and sharing their benefits with friends and family members.

Rocio and Ruben Almirudis share their gratitude for their mentors, Salvador and Azyadeh, who offered unlimited kindness and friendship every step of the way.