YOR NDS | Patented Protection from YOR Health

YOR HealthQ: What is YOR NDS?

A: YOR NDS is a formula of enzymes that allow the body to fully utilize nutritional intake.

Q: Is this formula exclusive to YOR Health?

A: Yes, YOR NDS is the result of three years’ research performed by YOR Health scientists and other experts.  YOR NDS has been clinically proven to help advanced-age test subjects more fully harness the healing power of YOR Health products.

Q: How does this YOR Health product work?

A: Essentially, YOR NDS jump-starts the nutritional value of food and helps the body produce serum albumin which assists the passage of nutrients through the blood. Additionally, YOR NDS supports existing healthy cholesterol levels and increases the body’s production of AST, an enzyme vital to the metabolism of amino acids.

Q: And is YOR NDS an innovative product?

A: YOR Health has always been a forward-thinking company and the creation of YOR NDS is no exception. YOR NDS has technology so advanced and different than anything else on the market that it was actually awarded a US patent.

Q: Who conducted the independent study on the effectiveness of YOR Health NDS?

A: The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology conducted the study in partnership with Obiron University. The study, which included two dozen adults over the age of 65, lasted nearly six months. During the trial, 13 participants were given YOR NDS while the remaining 11 were given a placebo. After six months, each participant was tested for three key biomarkers.

Q: What were the results?

A: At the conclusion of the study, the group that received NDS showed significant changes in their biomarkers. This left esearches to conclude that YOR NDS was “practical for improving nutritional status” in adults and specifically in seniors.

Q: How exactly does YOR NDS affect the body?

A: YOR NDS allows the body to fully maximize nutritional absorption. This means your system can benefit from the food, vitamins, and minerals it consumes, leading to a healthier body.