YORHealth Works Wonders for Miguel Santo-Domingo

YORHealthIn 2010, Miguel Santo-Domingo assembled some of the hardest-working social and business leaders in Puerto Rico to join him along the YORHealth journey. By creating a positive and affirming group, he began living out the company’s chief philosophies of inclusion and encouragement even in the face of a volatile economy. The difficult marketplace threatened to tear apart families who had failed to account for their physical and financial wellbeing.

In Miguel’s observations, YORHealth served as a viable alternative for people who were concerned about their futures. He expresses his eternal gratitude for his wife, Mari, who encouraged him to pursue his business dreams despite the adversity. While Miguel developed his new business, Mari kept her full-time job in order to pay for the family’s bills. The couple had complete faith that his efforts would lead to greater success – and their beliefs proved true in due time.

Now fully immersed in the YORHealth philosophy, Miguel is intent on leaving behind a proud legacy for his family.  He encourages all prospective YORHealth members to visualize their dreams and focus on the necessary tasks in order to achieve them. By avoiding life’s major distractions, people can devote themselves fully to the process of improving their nutritional wellness. The enlightening force of YORHealth has brought true happiness to consumers around the world while helping them draw closer to their friends and families.

At YORHealth, Miguel and the rest of the Independent Representatives have reached a higher plane of living by approaching healthcare and nutrition with an all-encompassing view. The company’s extensive list of training tools is formulated to guarantee achievement in any individual motivated to make a positive change. Seeking a complete balance of emotional, physical and financial health has given Miguel and his family significant results. Miguel shares this message of hope and faith with all people that he meets.



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