YORHealth Energizes Daily Routine of Marcela Jota Vallejo

YORHealthA native of Mexico, graphic designer Marcela Jota Vallejo knows full well the financial challenges that can plague a family’s future. Growing up in the state of Hidalgo, Marcela’s parents experienced economic hardship for years before eventually divorcing. The fractured state of her family spurred Marcela on during her formative years.

Eager to receive an advanced degree, Marcela pursued a student loan in order to pay her tuition. Believing that employment would give her strength and independence, Marcela put all of her energy into academic studies in hopes of establishing herself as a successful and financially secure professional.

Marcela grew tired of trying to make ends meet but struggled to find a more suitable arrangement. In a stroke of luck, a close friend urged her to consider YORHealth as the answer for all her problems. After doing a little research herself, Marcela was interested in learning more. The friendly Independent Representatives gave her an in-depth look into the company’s product line.

Now, Marcela is proud to serve the YORHealth community as a trusted role model who can encourage and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives. By connecting with her fellow members on a personal level, she can help them discover the determination necessary to reach their highest goals. While immersing herself in the YORHealth world, Marcela met her boyfriend Conce Aguillo. Marcela and Conce lift each other’s spirits when difficulties arise.

Crediting her family for providing comfort and support during these times of transition, Marcella now leads a life of success and happiness. At the age of 26, she works as a graphic designer while continuing to use YORHealth products in her daily nutritional program. This brilliant experience has brightened her prospects and encouraged her to test the limits in ways she never would have expected.