YORHealth Proves to Be a Powerful Force in the Life of Pablo Salas

YOR HealthIn Pablo Salas, YORHealth has found one of its staunchest supporters. Pablo endured a painful childhood and emerged triumphant by becoming a valuable asset to the YORHealth community. Here is his story.

Q: Where does Pablo’s story begin?

YORHealth: When Pablo was a kid, his family had numerous financial limitations. Despite these economic struggles, he and his sister were enrolled in a private school. Pablo felt different from the other students and was often ridiculed for his shabby clothing and belongings.

Q: What childhood experiences influenced Pablo most during these difficult times?

YORHealth: Pablo’s feelings of inadequacy almost overwhelmed him. Enduring months of denigration and discrimination took a heavy toll. When students weren’t ignoring him, they were calling him names and throwing objects at him. Left alone on the playground, Pablo experienced many bouts with depression and anxiety. He was ashamed to go to school every day as a result of this teasing.

Q: How was Pablo able to conquer these challenges and embark upon a quest towards better nutrition?

YORHealth: A co-worker presented with an invitation to a YORHealth event. After meeting with the company’s founders, Pablo was convinced that the YORHealth community held the answers to his problems. Such a kind and nurturing environment suited him well.

Q: What kind of transformation has occurred for Pablo since then?

YORHealth: Pablo’s life is now full of personal and financial successes that serve to encourage the rest of the company’s members. By paying off his debts, he’s been able to devote more time to his beloved family and friends. Eager to travel the world, he has visited many landmarks around the world including the Great Wall of China. Most importantly, he is living out the values and morals instilled in him by his parents.