YOR Health Teaches Dr. Phillippa Taberlay How to Successfully Manage Her Diet

YOR HealthQ: What is the academic background of Phillippa Taberlay?
YOR Health:  Born in Tasmania, Australia, Phillippa Taberlay earned a bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Tasmania. Her doctoral work has been heralded by her peers. Taberlay’s accomplishments include the David Collins Leukemia Foundation Scholarship, the Jeanne Foster Scholarship, the Aspen Cancer Conference Fellow, the Benjamin F. Trump Award and numerous other awards and accolades. She has also been selected for a special postgraduate research fellowship while pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of medical research. Phillippa Taberlay knows firsthand how factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress and the environment can cause drastic changes in a person’s health.

Q: When was Taberlay first convinced of the powerful impact of YOR Health products?
YOR Health: Although she originally had questions about the effects, Phillippa was eventually influenced by the significant results experienced by her husband, YOR Health Athletic Advisor Sid Taberlay. Over the years, Phillippa was surprised to find that she had gained a few pounds even though she ate relatively healthy. She chalked it up to her consumption of the sugary foods and beverages so popular in the United States. Intent on making a change, Phillippa began using YOR Health products in order to reach her former weight.Q: Had she tried any other nutritional products before YOR Health?
YOR Health: She had used multi-vitamins on and off throughout the years without seeing any noticeable changes in her health. Sid truly set the example for her. After taking a single MRP each morning, he trained for his various sports and still felt energized and refreshed.

Q: Which products does Phillippa Taberlay enjoy on a regular basis?
YOR Health: She notes the Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes as major parts of her everyday routine. Since incorporating these two products into her diet, she reports feeling more energy and doesn’t suffer from cramps or headaches.