YOR Health Steers Rowing Champion Monica Hernandez Towards the Shores of Health

YOR HealthQ: Since becoming a member of the YOR Health community, what has Monica Hernandez accomplished?
YOR Health: A fitness trainer and indoor rower from Mexico, Monica has made waves as the first-prize winner in the 2011 Indoor Rowing Championship held in Mexico City. She also secured first-place honors at the National Championship in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Q: What was Hernandez’s first interaction with YOR Health products?
YOR Health: A friend and former rowing trainer first told her about the products. Shortly after starting her regime, Monica no longer felt muscle fatigue. She credits YOR Health products for improving her athletic performance, most notably in the 2011 Indoor Rowing Championship. Her recovery was much quicker than in previous competitions.Q: How did Monica Hernandez typically feel before attaining these remarkable results?
YOR Health: Due to previous bouts with physical fatigue, Monica was often unable to summon up the energy to survive her intense workouts. She recalls taking naps every afternoon just to endure her rigorous exercise program.

Q: What are some of the most impressive results that Hernandez has reported?
YOR Health: Monica observes that she feels a greater sense of motivation and energy, allowing her to more fully enjoy time with her husband and children. Her attitude is much more positive all around, says Hernandezn.

Q: Why has Monica volunteered to be a representative for YOR Health products?
YOR Health: Monica’s goal is to give back to the community and promote diet and exercise as necessary components of excellent health. Citing the experienced Advisory Board, she professes full confidence in these patented products. Monica plans to use her platform as a trainer and athlete to spread the word with her students. A number of athletes have shared their testimonies and experiences with the company, and she’s happy to add her name to the list.