YOR Health Products Offer Convenience On the Go

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health products are high-quality products designed to help individuals achieve their maximum health goals. YOR Health products include multivitamins, shakes and accessories. Today, the YOR Health products team explains how YOR Health accessories provide convenience for any health conscious consumer on the go.

Q: What accessories does YOR Health offer?

YOR Health Products Team: We offer a variety of accessories, including a YOR Shaker Bottle, a Stainless Steel Bottle, YOR Shaker Cups, and two different YOR Pill Boxes.

Q: What is the YOR Shaker Bottle for?

YOR Health Products Team: This sporty shaker bottle is indispensable for meals on the go. Since stirring alone will not allow YOR MRP powder to mix properly, YOR Shaker Bottle is a convenient and easy way to ensure a smooth, delicious shake. It fits comfortably in your hand, so you can take it walking or even while working out.

Q: What material is the YOR Shaker Bottle made of and how many ounces does it hold?

YOR Health Products Team: The YOR Shaker Bottle is made of durable polycarbonate material and holds up to 18 oz. It also features a tapered body, preprinted measurement lines in white, and a self-attached, leak-resistant tethered screw top.

Q: How is the YOR Shaker Cup different from the bottle?

YOR Health Products Team: The Shaker Cups hold between 20 and 25 oz. of liquid. Their new shapes allow them to fit in most standard cup holders, and they have a lid to prevent any leaks or spills. The YOR Shaker Cups come with a plastic mesh insert, which ensures a perfectly shaken powder mix.

Q: Tell us about the YOR Pill Box.

YOR Health Products Team: The pillbox is perfect for keeping pills organized. This plastic pillbox has five dividers to further organize supplements. Now there’s no reason for anyone to miss taking any of the essential products.