YOR Health Products Team Answers Your Questions About YOR Repair

YOR Health ProductsQ: What is YOR Repair?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Repair is YOR Health’s original muscle recovery formula. Each capsule contains a propriety blend of active enzymes, vitamins and minerals that work together to encourage post-workout muscle recovery. It’s taken as a dietary supplement on an empty stomach twice daily or as needed.

Q: How does it work?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Repair contains a potent blend of ingredients that are safe, natural and effective at helping muscles recover after exertion. The enzymes create an environment where muscle and other soft tissue stressed during activity can grow. Antioxidants slow or prevent cellular damage by free radicals. The body’s reaction to stress and injury is regulated to boost recovery and aid the body’s response to injury.

Q: What’s in it?

YOR Health Products Team: Each gelatin-based capsule contains 13 mg of vitamin C, 2.1 IU of vitamin E, 2.2 mg of zinc, and 4.4 mcg of selenium, in addition to the YOR Repair blend. This propriety combination contains spinach, carrot, broccoli, Irish moss, kelp, grape-seed extract, Rutin, rose hips, Mojave yucca, green tea extract, and flax seed, along with several other natural ingredients. YOR Repair brings together protease, papain, bromelain and SOD as an extremely effective enzyme supplement.

Q: How were the ingredients for YOR Repair chosen?

YOR Health Products Team: Product development is overseen by a group of industry experts via the YOR Health scientific advisory board. Each product is carefully researched and subject to laboratory testing to determine which supplements work best with each other and what will offer the body the highest absorption rate. All YOR Health products are backed by science to combat the effects of unhealthy modern day lifestyles and formulated for maximum absorption. YOR Health manufactures supplements using only the highest quality raw materials from both domestic and foreign sources.